andrei_bt (andrei_bt) wrote,

Деревянная броня для М60

Удивили тайские танкисты, вроде как страна развитая, решетки там разработать вполне способны. А тут такой вот вариант усиления брони из бревен.

Оригинал взят у icy2527 в M60A3 with the wood logs armor ........
10430909_927598580613546_607127485081263319_n (1)
This is not the way how to upgrade the armor on AFVs ......1 ton heavier than the already heavy patton .The wood logs will shattered when RPG hit it and then you will leave the big *ss hole at the armor.Wood logs will neither disrupt the jet forming nor short the RPG's electrical circuit . What are they thinking about ? Sometimes I don't actually understand the Thai Army thinkings.

There're many proven concept out there guys .....Why don't you borrow them ?
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