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Finally,M60A1 upgrade proposal for Royal Thai Army

Проект модернизации танков М60 тайской армии от израильтян, точнее там они организовали совместное предприятие с тайцами.
Неплохая, правда, очень не дешевая модернизация аналогична проданной туркам «Сабра». Возникает вопрос, чего же не предложила украинская сторона что-то в лице «укроборонпрома»? Видимо ответ простой, с ними уже не хотят связываться.

Оригинал взят у icy2527 в Finally,M60A1 upgrade proposal for Royal Thai Army
After long-awaited project I've dreamt of . SPITTA PPSC Joint Venture with unnamed Israel company have presented the proposal for M60A1's upgrade to RTA and It's highly appreciated by the Brass hat at RTA cavalry training centre. Some rumors said "Though it's not finalized but there's high chance that M60A1 will be upgraded " or "It's in waiting for approval state" . I'm excited and thrilled by this news .I admit that I'm Patton lover .I 've wait for its upgrade for a long time ,even write my own upgrade plans for my beloved tank .
This is it ! The poster in FB group has release some upgrade plans .The final product of the upgrade will be Turkish M60T + APS with some modifications ,so let's see it in detail .
- First the mobility , AVDS-1790-2 of M60A1 will be upgraded (not replaced) to have 900+ HP and new air filtration systems ,New transmission -Renk RK304S- ,New final drives ,New or upgraded suspension ,New tracks .

- Second the fire power ,120mm MG253 cannon with APAM and LAHAT ,New FCS with H-K capability ,New turret drives,RWS is an optional .M19 cupola removed and equipped with Merkava style hatch and machine gun mount(s)

- Third the survivability ,new modular armor ,APS (Iron Fist),low observable painting/coating and I assumed that they will be equipped with new fire suppression systems.

- Fourth other gimmicks , APU,Air conditioner,BMS with full NCW support .

- The unknowns , FCS model ,No. of APS system installed ,60mm mortar?

The upgrade will be took place at RTA factory with technology transfer from Israel ,include ammunition production (The RTA has license to produce 105 mm tank ammo for 2 years.)

The final product will be like this .

The LAHAT and NCW work together .(in Thai)

The mobility improvements . Acceleration rate

Speed, First paved road ,second cross country.
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