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Любопытные концепты из Словении

Любопытные концепты из Словении - конкуренты БМПТ.

Outperform BMPT-72 in firepower

1. Total weight of main ammo projectiles :  720kg vs 351kg
2. Number of simultaneous engagement directions 2,5 vs 1

Heavy armoured vehicle base on exsisting MBT platforms as Leopard 1,M60 or T-72 or similar platforms.
Require crew of three members: Commander ,gunner and driver all instaled in front of the hull.
Minimum vehicle hull interference-only elevations above 400+
Turret main ammo resuplly within the vehicle.

Weapons option
1. Main weapons 57mm cannon (optional 60 or 76mm with minor enlargament of turret)
2. Secondary weapon ATK LW25 (optional ATK M230 or GD XM301)
3. Independand weapon station with 360 traverse with 7,62machine

1. 57mm: 100 rounds ready to fire + 200 rounds stowed inside the vehicle
2. 25mm: 700 rounds
7,62mm: up to 2000 rounds

BALDR MBT Combat Module

Length: 700mm
Width: 2075mm
Height: 575mm                
Height overall: 1043mm

Primary weapon (one of the following)
2A42 30mm
Rheinmetall 30mm mk 30-2/abm
Zastava M86
Coax weapon: Machine gun 7,62mm
Elevation: +60º / - 20º
Traverse: 360º

Ammunition - ready for use
30x173 or 30x165: 500
7,62x51: 1400

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