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Меня какой–то моделист просил фото и чертежи разработки 115 БТРЗ (во Времена В. Федосова) боевой машины пехоты (так ее тогда называли) на базе Т-55. Чертежей нет, не знаю, были ли они, но пару фото есть. Увы мой фотик в поезде Харьков-Одесса увели, поэтому фото предоставленные В. Федосовым.
Думаю, что эта машина уже представляет лишь исторический интерес, хотя разработка интересная.

Heavy armored fighting vehicle
made on the basis of the chassis of the tank T-55.

After modernization of the tank T-55 (exchange of the original chassis of T-55 with the chassis of the tank T-64), we remain with the chassis of T-55.

What to do with this chassis?

We will make a heavy armored fighting vehicle on the basis of this chassis.
In order to do so, we will make following changes in chassis of T-55:

  • we take out the motor-transmission power pack from the chassis,

  • we take out the front and under turret metal plates,

  • new side, back and front armor plates should be welded to the body of the chassis in order to construct a new shape of the chassis with increased total height of the vehicle till 1950 mm.

  • design of the sides armor plates envisages installation of last generation Ukrainian made ERA protection elements,

  • new ramp door is made on the back side,

  • new roof is welded to the body,

  • machine gun turret is installed on the roof,

  • new, modified motor-transmission power pack from the tank T-64 is installed in the front part of the vehicle with necessary control elements,

  • additional support rollers is installed in suspension, because of increased speed of the new vehicle.

Technical characteristics of the vehicle:

  • Mass(without armament) – 28,5 ton.

  • Length – 6,2 m.

  • Width – 3,21 m.

  • Height – 1,95 m.

  • Height of landing compartment – 1,35 m.

  • Speed -  till 70 km/h.

-    Distance without refueling 600 km.
   -    Engine/h/p      opposite, multi fuel diesel of the type 5TDF/ 700 h/p

  • Cooling system – ejector.


  • Front – 270 mm, plus ERA

  • Side – 81 mm, plus ERA

  • Roof – 30 mm.

  • Back side – 40 mm.

  • Bottom - Combined anti mine protection.

  • Equipped with last generation, Ukrainian made  ERA protection set.


  1. Light, overhead, fully remote turret, with 12,7 mm machine gun. (see separate booklet of this turret)

  2. The armament system of the customer can be installed upon his request.

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