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Maybe one of the most original idea of tank redesign

What to do with old T-55 tanks and T-64 which are planed to be scrapped?
It was primary aimed on countries which have difficulties with modern tanks with autoloader service.
The ideas presented in 2000-s by the Ukrainian 115 armor repair plant in Kharkov.
The plant was without work at that time and created various interesting ideas for it’s survival.

1. Take 1 T-55 and remove turret, place it on T-64 hull – you have T-55-64 hybrid tank

2. Make a survivable heavy IFV from T-55 hull – HIFV-55

3. What to do with an old T-64 turret? Make a remote controlled unmanned defense station with concrete strengthened protection.
Tags: Т-55, Т-64

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